Tips to Help Itchy Dogs (and Everyone’s Sanity)

Is your dog scratching and scratching and chewing and chewing? Is your dog so uncomfortable in his/her own skin that there is no sleep for either of you? Does your dog look at you with big, sad eyes asking for help, saying "make this itch stop, let me sleep"? Well, the problem may be due to seasonal allergies.

dog scratching graphicAs the growing season changes from summer to fall, so do the plants that produce possible allergies in our pets. Just like some people, some dogs are more sensitive to spring plants, some to summer and some to what is now blooming.

Although lots of people think golden rod is a big contributor to allergy suffering, it is primarily an insect pollinator so there is little contact with the pollen. Actually, the big culprits right now are plants that use wind as their means of spreading their pollen such as ragweed, mugwort and sorrel.